How to Evolve Doublade: A Comprehensive Guide

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How to Evolve Doublade: A Comprehensive Guide


In the realm of Pokémon evolution Doublade stands out as a unique and intriguing species. Doublade is a Steel/Ghosttype Pokémon introduced in Generation VI known for its distinctive dual blades and ability to evolve into Aegislash. In this article we will explore the methods and steps required to evolve Doublade into its formidable final form Aegislash. How to Evolve Doublade: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding Doublade

Before delving into the evolution process it essential to understand Doublade and its unique characteristics.

 Doublade Attributes

Doublade boasts impressive attributes:

  • Steel/Ghost Typing: A unique combination that gives it remarkable resistances and immunities.
  • Nocturnal Behavior: Doublade is known to be more active at night.
  • Formidable Offense and Defense: With its dual blades Doublade has a balance of both offense and defense.

 Doublade Abilities

  1. No Guard: Doublade ability ensures that all its moves will land making it a formidable battler.
  2. Evolving Potential: The key to unlocking Aegislash power lies in evolving Doublade.

Evolution Process

Now that we have a grasp of Doublade traits let explore the evolution process.

 Leveling Up Doublade

The primary method to evolve Doublade is by leveling it up to 35.

Rare Candies: Using rare candies directly on Doublade will also help it level up faster.

 Dusk Stone Evolution

Alternatively you can use a Dusk Stone to evolve Doublade into Aegislash. This method ensures an instantaneous evolution. You can obtain Dusk Stones through various means such as:

  1. InGame Events: Keep an eye on ingame events or storylines where Dusk Stones may be rewarded.
  2. Underground Treasure: Mining in the Underground or other subterranean areas may yield Dusk Stones as well.

 Trading Doublade

In some Pokémon games Doublade can also evolve when traded between trainers. However this method requires a strong bond between you and your trading partner.

Benefits of Evolving Doublade

Evolving Doublade into Aegislash brings several advantages:

  1. Change in Abilities: Aegislash gains the ability “Stance Change” which allows it to switch between two different forms during battle each excelling in attack or defense.
  2. Expanded Movepool: Aegislash learns new moves that enhance its versatility.
  3. Enhanced Stats: Aegislash stats receive a significant boost making it an even more formidable battler.

Final Word

Evolving Doublade into Aegislash is a pivotal step for any Pokémon trainer aiming for a wellrounded and powerful team. Whether you choose to level it up use a Dusk Stone or trade with a trusted partner Aegislash awaits with its unique abilities and remarkable stats. So gear up train your Doublade and unlock the full potential of this exceptional Pokémon.


Q1: Can I evolve Doublade into Aegislash at any level?

A1: No the minimum level required to evolve Doublade is level 35.

Q2: What are the primary differences between Doublade and Aegislash?

A2: Aegislash has a more versatile movepool better stats and the unique ability to switch forms during battle.

Q3: Is there a specific game where trading Doublade is necessary for evolution?

A3: Yes in some Pokémon games trading Doublade is a requirement for evolution.

Q4: Are there any other methods to obtain Dusk Stones?

A4: You can find Dusk Stones through ingame events and by mining in the Underground in certain Pokémon games.

Q5: Can Aegislash revert to Doublade once evolved?

A5: No once Doublade evolves into Aegislash it cannot revert back to its previous form.

This guide should help you understand the methods and benefits of evolving Doublade bringing you one step closer to creating a formidable Pokémon team. Good luck on your Pokémon journey!

How to Evolve Doublade: A Comprehensive Guide
How to Evolve Doublade: A Comprehensive Guide

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