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How to play a random clip from streamer when raided

How to play a random clip from streamer when raided Being a raid is one of the nice emotions you may have on Twitch. It`s herbal you`d need to have fun. And what higher manner than gambling a random clip from the streamer who raided you

Well, this reputedly complicated streaming command is certainly quite simple to set up, and you may have fun being raided uniquely each time. So here`s the way you play a random clip from the streamer who raided you on Twitch.

Using Twitch.Guru to improve the Shout Out command How to play a random clip from streamer when raided

The primary gist of having this cool characteristic to paintings is the usage of the shout-out command to play clips of the usage of OBS. This technique calls for you to be streaming on OBS, so make certain you`re in the usage of that software earlier than starting.

The fastest and simplest manner to get this technique to paintings is thru Twitch. Guru`s on-hand device. Head to Twitch. Guru and read right down to Free Tools.

Select the Shout Out Player. As indexed withinside the details, this device will play a random clip from the flow channel this is shouted out. You also can set this to channel praise so visitors can use the command as well.

Simply input your Twitch username, pick out in case you need this to be a channel praise option, and set some alternatives including Max Duration, Mute, and Turn textual content show off. Then, a Browser Source hyperlink might be created at the lowest of the page. We`re going to apply that hyperlink in OBS.

Screenshot through Pro Game Guides How to play a random clip from streamer when raided

Launch OBS and to your streaming scene`s listing of Sources, click on the + image to feature a brand new Source. Select Browser from the menu, and withinside the URL section, use the hyperlink created withinside Twitch.

The guru website is the only classified Browser Source. From there you may edit the placement of the clip to your scene, and in any other case extra de the size, etc.

Then, the subsequent time you`re raided use the Shout Out command, which is ! so similar to the personal call of the person that raided you to play the one’s clips. For example, !so (Insert User Name) without the brackets. Enjoy!

For greater Twitch streaming thoughts and guides, test out What is a Twitch Raid?

How to play a random clip from a streamer whilst raided on Twitch
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