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How to pronounce conciergerie

How to pronounce conciergerie In 1793, 4 years after the French Revolution began, Marie Antoinette changed into not Queen of France. Her husband, King Louis XVI,

has been accomplished of crimes in opposition to France, and she or he too has been issued the loss of life penalty after a quick trial. Imprisoned, separated from her children, and subjected to humiliation with the aid of using her captors, it’s miles stated that she went to the guillotine willingly.

This female, who had as soon as led the sort of top-notch existence, has been added low with the aid of using the hand that destiny dealt her. This is the tale of Marie Antoinette`s loss of life.

Marie Antoinette`s Death: from Beloved Princess to Despised Queen

madame royale baptiste marie antoinette loss of life
Madame Royale Cared for the aid of using Doctor Brunier, with the aid of using Jean-Baptiste Mallet, 1793, thru the Metropolitan Museum

Marie Antoinette had arrived in France as a younger Austrian princess. Her herbal grace and allure received the hearts of the French. Yet because the years went by with the aid of using, her recognition changed into marred with the aid of using diverse scandals, a few real and others not. Various elements got here into play that contributed to Marie Antoinette`s loss of life.

Some have been her personal doing, and others have been out of her control.

For example, Marie Antoinette`s husband Louis changed into bodily not able to have intercourse together with her till he underwent a minor scientific procedure, which caused their union to be barren for the primary 8 years. Frustrated, Marie Antoinette escaped right into existence of frivolity, dancing, gambling, and spending cash on fashion, to keep away from having to stand her marital woes. This did not do anything to endear her to her people.

Another element that made Marie Antoinette hated by the population have been merciless slander. Her near-woman friendships have been twisted into lesbian liaisons, and she or he changed into even after being falsely accused of incest. By the time of Marie Antoinette`s loss of life in 1793, she changed into the maximum reviled female in France.

The Affair of the Diamond Necklace

diamond necklace Marie Antoinette Répresentation Exacte du Grand Collier en Brillants des Srs. Boëhmer et Bassenge, with the aid of using Nicolas Antoine Taunay, c. 1785, thru the Metropolitan Museum

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One of the maximum adverse scandals that irrevocably became the tide of French sentiment in opposition to Marie Antoinette changed into the Affair of the whendidreleasedate Diamond Necklace. While the French queen changed into innocent, it mattered not. The harm to her already doubtful recognition has been done. How to pronounce conciergerie

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