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How to propagate elephant ears

How to propagate elephant ears Are you searching ahead to create a few lovely additions for your elephant ear plant Or are you new at gardening and need to propagate elephant ear plant life

If so, then you have come to the proper area because, in this article, I will let you know a way to propagate elephant ear leaves so one can assist you to decorate the attraction of your garden.

The elephant ear plant is a lush inexperienced plant used for the duration of the sector for ornamental functions as it’s far astonishingly lovely.

Elephant ear is a completely rapid-developing plant, specially withinside the summer and spring seasons. If stored below the most effective temperature with nutritive soil and humidity, it grows as rapidly as toes inside some days, and the leaves turn broader relying upon the fine of the soil.

How to Propagate Elephant Ears Plants Easily?

There are essential techniques used for the propagation of elephant ear plant life, which include seed propagation and tuber propagation. Tuber propagation is used usually as opposed to seed propagation because it offers higher results.

Tuberous clumps are shaped withinside the roots of elephant ear plant life which might be excellent for vegetative propagation.

When to Propagate Elephant Ears Plants and Seasons?

Elephant ear plant life comes to be dormant in iciness, so in case you need your plant to develop at an excellent rate, attempt to sow it on the top of iciness so you might be capable of getting a touch plant while the spring arrives. If you’ve got Elephant ear corms, attempt to keep them via winter because it isn’t always favorable for them to develop.

In the summertime season, while you see the improvement of a tuber with a small node for the improvement of the stem, you may use that once reducing for propagation functions. The soil of the plant is vital thing as properly while you are seeking out vegetative propagation.

How to Propagate Elephant Ears Plants?

If you’re inquisitive about gardening and need to study the propagation of the maximum lovely and luxurious inexperienced elephant ear leaf plant life, don`t fear it because it is not a completely difficult task to do.

You can propagate this plant similar to numerous different plant life via the wholesome tuber. You can do that withinside the iciness while the plant is in a dormant kingdom so you may be capable of getting a satisfying indoor plant in your spring and summer time seasons.

Propagation Through Seeds

Propagation via seed is not a not unusual place technique determined and practiced for propagation through Gardners and maximum people. Well, it is not impossible, though, as you may propagate via seeds in case your elephant ear plant develops a seed pod.

You can gather this seed pod by turning and twisting it off from the plant after which starting it cautiously because it might be complete with seeds and pulp. Remove the seeds cautiously from the pulp and take away the pulp ultimately at the seed by rinsing them off via freshwater. Make positive to gather sufficient seedlings.


you may unfold those seedlings in the soil to germinate, however, you may additionally germinate them interior on a tray. If you develop them interior on a planting tray, there are improved probabilities of germination.


After germination, an area of the seedlings is in wet soil. Make positive that the soil is ethereal because it will assist the plant in germination. Don’t miss it manner an excessive amount of it because the soil turns soggy, and it turns into hard for germinating seeds to develop properly.

By the stop of 3 weeks, you may take a look at small plant life. You can flow to the thinning and transplanting step.

Propagation Through Tubers

Before beginning the system, ensure your fingers are properly covered by carrying gloves because the plant sap is irritating. Make positive to comply whendidreleasedate with those steps for a powerful system of germination of the tuber. How to propagate elephant ears

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