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When did charmaine dad die

When did charmaine dad die Virgin River loves its cliffhangers—and remaining yr`s display on the cease of season 3 become one in every of the most important yet. When Mel instructed Jack that she become pregnant however uncertain of her new infant`s paternity,

enthusiasts have been pressured to attend a yr to discover who the dad-to-be become: Jack or Mel`s deceased ex-husband, Mark. Fortunately, season 4 made it clean as Clear River itself—as many enthusiasts predicted, Jack is, indeed, the dad. Yay!

But even as one infant query has been resolved, any other arrived all through the very last seconds of season 4 (oh, Virgin River—by no means alternate). After Jack and Mel rush to Charmaine`s residence to assist with a clinical emergency, she says her thriller soreness is karma. “

Being the dutifully stand-up guy Jack is, it`s clean from his taken aback face that he hasn`t even entertained the opportunity of now no longer being the twins` dad. But if it`s now no longer him, then, uh,

who’s the daddy of Charmaine`s twins on Virgin River?

Though Jack not having youngsters with Charmaine will probable make his existence with Mel a great deal, a great deal easier, it`s nonetheless a query really well worth digging into. Here are some capability theories approximately the thriller guy even as we look forward to season five.


The simplest different man or woman Charmaine`s been romantically connected to on Virgin River is, of course, Todd, making him a herbal first suspect. When we (and Jack, and Mel) first meet Todd, he says it`s been 3 weeks when you consider that he met Charmaine.

So theoretically, Charmaine might have already been pregnant with the aid of using then. However, she lied approximately Jack being the dad, so couldn`t she have lied approximately her timeline with Todd, too

lauren hammersley as charmaine and patrick sabongui as todd in virgin river

If Charmaine cheated on Jack with Todd towards the cease in their dating and were given pregnant, then it can assist to explain (however in reality now no longer excuse) Todd`s controlling behavior—and his obsession with getting married, shifting to Eureka, and slicing Jack out of the twins` lives.

Of course, if this have been the case, why might Charmaine undergo the problem of mendacity to Jack, in particular whilst he wasn`t that invested of their dating with the aid of using the cease, anyway? Perhaps it has some thing to do with Charmaine`s own circle of relatives history—which, as you can keep in mind from season one, entails her mom having an affair with Doc. “

I`m now no longer her… I can`t alternate my own circle of relatives tree,” she tells Hope at one factor. If Charmaine didn`t need to be visible as a second-era cheater, possibly she invented the mislead keep her reputation. Admittedly, this concept is a doozy, however then so, too, are Virgin River`s consistent being pregnant twists!

A Guy We Haven`t Met Yet

Of course, if Charmaine did cheat, it`s simply as attainable that the daddy of her twins is a person we haven`t met yet—a complete random. Hey, she`s from Clear River! There`s clearly an entire town`s really well worth of capability suitors that we`re now no longer privy to.

A Donor We Haven`t Met Yet

Mel`s fertility adventure has manifestly been the focal point of the show, being pregnant-wise. But in case you rewatch the primary seasons of Virgin River closely, you`ll note numerous capability guidelines towards Charmaine`s personal struggles on this area.

After turning into pregnant, she tells Mel that she “didn`t even think [she] ought to get pregnant.” She additionally tells Jack that that is probable her “remaining chance… to be a mom.”

Later, withinside the season premiere, Mel subsequently makes a decision to tackle Charmaine as a patient—and the very subsequent time we see her, she`s analyzing up on a few very interesting medications (clomiphene citrate and letrozole) in a piece of writing approximately ovulation induction.

According to CNY Fertility, those drugs “may be prescribed along side numerous reproductive remedies,” which includes IVF. While it appears attainable that Mel become brushing up at the facts for herself, she wasn`t actively thinking about motherhood at this factor in her dating with Jack.


Even aleven though Mike become now no longer discovered to be Jack`s shooter in season 4, this concept is for the those who are nonetheless first rate skeptical of the detective (increases hand). In season 3, whilst Jack tells Mike that he`s concerned approximately

being a father to 3 youngsters, Mike stops making eye touch together along with his friend, no matter being absolutely comfortable with him whendidrelease seconds earlier. “I don`t recognize what to inform you, you`re in a difficult spot,” he says, awkwardly.When did charmaine dad die

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